Piercing Aftercare Instructions

The best time to clean your piercing is immediately following a hot shower. The hot water and steam will help soften your skin and loosen the crusties at the base of your jewellery. 

While in the shower, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

A liquid soap is also recommended over a bar of soap because it's not as easily contaminated by handling.

Next, gently remove the crust from your jewellery with a disposable, one-use product such as a sterile gauze, Q-tip, soaked with H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray or a Sterile Saline Wound Wash Spray. 

Never pick the crust with your fingernails.

After gently cleaning your piercing, rinse the area off to remove all excess cleaning agents.

. We recommend soaking your new piercing in H2Ocean Sea Salt Soak at least once a day, up to twice per day if an irritation occurs.

 Do not play or rotate your jewellery in between cleanings. Doing so will only add risk of an infection and longer healing times. It tears the fragile skin cells during healing.

Rubbing Alcohol: This solution is far too strong for your new piercing. It will irritate and dry out your skin as well as sting and burn when you put it on. This will only add to your over all healing time…definitely NOT recommended!

Peroxide: This solution may be great for first aid but not for healing your new piercing. Peroxide will start to kill the new skin cells trying to form around you new piercing, and will not allow your new piercing to completely heal.

Tea Tree Oil: Undiluted tea tree oil is way too harsh on a piercing. It's also an oil which could minimize the oxygen flow into the piercing.

Bactine: Not recommended as piercing aftercare. This product is too strong killing bacteria and healing tissue. Also, Bactine is known to grow bacteria in older opened bottles.


Antibiotic Ointments: The following products such as Polysporin, Bacitracin, Mecca, Neosporin, etc. will not work for long periods during the healing process. Your body builds tolerency when these products are overused. Some of these products also contain large amounts of petroleum jelly which will keep oxygen out of the piercing. This will also create the perfect warm and moist environment for bacteria to breed. The greasy barrier will also keep cleaning solutions and water away from your piercing, making it impossible to clean properly.

Anti-bacterial Soaps: Your body does not need an anti-bacterial agent to heal a piercing. ANY soap would have the same success rate.


If an infection occurs, leave the jewelery in while being treated. The jewelery must be left in to allow an “exit” for the infection. Taking out the jewelery during an infection will trap the infection underneath the skin resulting in abscesses.

Do not touch your jewelery throughout the day without cleaning your hands first.

Touching it frequently will only contaminate your new piercing with germs and bacteria which will risk yourself getting an infection.

Avoid other people touching, pulling or kissing your piercing before it is completely healed.

Try to keep make-up and hair products away from your new piercing.

Keep your new piercing in a comfortable position without over constricting them. Especially navel piercings, try to keep your waistline below your navel and never bandage your piercing because it needs to breathe to properly heal.

Clean sheets on your bed and clean clothes will also be beneficial during healing.

Avoid swimming in public pools and hot tubs for the first few weeks as they are great breeding grounds for new bacteria.

Over cleaning can also irritate your piercing.



Do not change the jewelery before the piercing has completely healed! You'll probably see a lot jewelery options during the healing process…but refrain from purchasing any until it's fully healed.

We recommend visiting us for your first jewelery change. We will give you proper instructions on how to change it, and show you how to do it properly.

If the jewelery is purchased from our studio we will change it for free.

Many people do even more damage to their healed piercing while changing the jewelery without the proper tools or methods.


If you have ANY questions (yes, even stupid ones) in regards to the proper care for your piercing, call us immediately.


 Patience and your continued aftercare is the key to a successful healing.

***Seek medical attention if necessary.***