Love Your Tattoos

You've been tattooed by a trained professional using modern sterilization techniques and the finest equipment available. THE REST IS UP TO YOU! By following these instructions, your tattoo will heal properly and be a beautiful work of art for years to come.
1) Your tattoo is complete and covered with plastic wrap. Keep it covered with plastic wrap for 4 hours or until the tattoo has stopped seeping, removing plastic wrap only to wash.
2) Immediately upon removing wrap, wash tattoo using luke warm water and anti-bacterial soap, washing with your fingers. Wash tattoo until slimy feeling is gone. Wash Tattoo 4-5 times a day throughout the healing process. We suggest H2Ocean Foam Soap, as it has been proven to disinfect, and cleanse the area, while moisturizing. 
3) Air dry.
4) Allow tattoo 10 minutes to air dry and breathe before rewrapping with plastic wrap
5) If tattoo oozes, wash and dry immediately as described above.
6)Tattoo will start to peel in 2-4 days. DO NOT PICK AT IT! Let the peeling skin fall off naturally
7) After 24-48 hours, wash tattoo, pat dry, apply a dye-free, perfume-free lotion 4-5 times a day throughout the remaining heal time (approximately 5-7 more days), and then at least once a day for life. We suggest H2Ocean Extreme Aftercare Lotion, and the H2Ocean Sunscreen Moisturizers.
8) NO SWIMMING, SAUNAS, OR HOT TUBS for at least 2 weeks.
9) Avoid direct sunlight on your tattoo for at least 2 weeks (This includes tanning booths).
10) If possible, keep clothing off your tattoo for at least 2 weeks.
11) Do NOT shave over your tattoo for at least 2 weeks.


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